Why Ohad's List?

The inspiration for this site came from the way that Ohad gives recommendations. He breaks it down into 3 simple steps:

  1. Do you want to eat, drink or have a late night snack?
  2. Where do you want to go out?
  3. What vibes are you looking for?

Our Search breaks it down into these 3 easy steps.

Ohad's List is the result of extremely detailed curation for a particular taste.

New York City is an amazing city with such a broad and diverse offering. At times it can be overwhelming to process the vast selection of things to do and places to go.

Ohad's List looks to make the process of finding a place to go out simpler by taking out the guess work.

There's no need for ratings, because Ohad's List only has the top spots. Our curators know fine taste, and only list the best places to go out.

Websites like Zagat and Yelp are great for checking the quality of a place through customer reviews; however, they do not offer a great way of discovering what it is that you are looking for in a night out.

Meet the Head of Curation

Hello, my name is Ohad, and this is my list. My list is the greatist list. It has the best spots in New York City, because I am the best.

New York City has the best spots to drink, eat, and grab pizza. I want to show you my ways, because I know how to have a good time.

So welcome to Ohad's List, and discover what it means to live my life.